Our Services

Coupe and Co. event packages are designed to cover every type of private or corporate function where a bartending service is required. From creative teambuilding events for corporations, to private for-hire bartenders Coupe and Co. offers premium, engaging, and completely customizable bar services for every networking opportunity or celebration. We even have a small portable bar that has all the tools and ingredients to mix up your own cocktails with a few friends or colleagues.







How it works.

You pick the two spirits that you and your co-workers are interested in. We come to you, introduce everyone to the tools of the trade, and do a brief 101 on the basics of making cocktails and light spirit history through interactive demonstrations. Then it’s your turn, each group works together to create drinks for their peers to sample and score. The winning team walks away with a prize -  and all the bragging rights around the water cooler for the next week.


Every Coupe & Co. guest receives: 

3 Cocktails throughout the event (not including your competition cocktails)

A professional cheat sheet based on our tools of the trade & spirits 101

A list of home bar supplies & where to get them



Tools Of The Trade

Cocktail in hand, we’ll go through the basics you’ll need to get started.  From shakers, strainers, and mixing glasses,  through to syrups, juices, and ice, we’ll help you build your team, while you build your favourite drinks.


Spirits 101

With a firm grasp of the tools of the trade, it’s time to get creative. We’ll take you through the history of cocktails and spirits, flavour profiles, golden ratios, and dive into different styles of drinks to get you inspired.



With all the knowledge you need to get started, all that’s left to do is get mixing! Teams are set, ingredients are distributed, and it’s time to get to get creative and come up with innovative cocktail recipes as a group.


Relax... with Coupe and Co. you're in the right hands.

Party planning shouldn't be a headache. Coupe and Co.'s 360° bar service takes the weight off your shoulders. We work with you to develop a custom menu perfect for your guest-list & budget.     


We'll take care of everything from quote to clean up!


Understanding your events bespoke needs is as easy as filling out this quick questionnaire.  


Small Victory? New Client? Maybe it's just Friday...

When craft beers get boring, the Coupe and Co. BarBox is exactly the remedy your team needs. The Bar Box is a completely mobile desktop bar equipped with all the glassware, bitters, syrups, ice, fresh herbs, citrus and tools you need to get creative. We'll drop it off when you're ready, and we'll pick it up when you're done.  No mess, no clean up.  


What's Included in the BarBox? 


*B.C liquor laws prohibit the distribution of liquor without a license. While we work on a solution to these regulations, 'Coupe and Co.' can't provide the alcohol for BarBox deliveries. Our prices reflect this, and we would be happy to recommend some suggested bottles.