We're committed to providing the best bar service, from quote to clean-up.

Coupe and Co. provides seamless bar services across the lower mainland. Whether you need a complete bar service for a wedding, networking event, a birthday party, or you're looking for an ace team-building event for your colleagues, we've got you covered. 


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“The Coupe and Co. Cocktail Workshop was the most fun I’ve ever had at a workplace teambuilding event! I was impressed that so much information about the history of the drinks, the tools of the trade and how to make the cocktails themselves could be packed into one short workshop. Nothing makes a team work better together than the promise of a tasty drink at the end of it all! Great workshop!”
— Holly Popenia, Maker Labs

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Tired of the basic bar? Here are a few custom cocktail offerings you wont find anywhere else.


An exciting and engaging way to connect with coworkers from all departments of an organization. Imagine an Iron chef style cocktail competition with your co-workers, but with a quick intro into the tools and education of cocktails included. You will leave ready to impress at your next client meeting or dinner party.


We offer custom cocktail services and consultations for your wedding, private function, or corporate event. We'll take care of all the bar details to make sure you can relax and have a memorable evening. Contact us to get a quote for a custom cocktail menu & bartending services today! 


Better than beers on a Friday! An all inclusive bar in a box, equipped with all the glassware, bitters, syrups, ice, fresh herbs, citrus, recipe cards and tools you need to get creative. Dropped off and picked up at your convenience. No dishes, no clean up. 


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